At the request of end users, Robert Juliat has transformed a series of simple products into a bespoke range of lighting tools by adding that special Robert Juliat touch. Since the beginning, Robert Juliat’s special fixtures have increased in popularity and been adopted into its standard range of products.

Thanks to the Digitour Fluo dimmer pack and its electronic ballast, the dimming quality of Solo and Quadri dimmable fluorescents is so fine that there are no real alternatives for the opera and studio markets.

A redesigned Horus cyclorama fixture has returned to the catalogue at the express demand of our customers who loved its performance. Now exhibiting a wealth of exciting updated features, Horus is the perfect complement to the Robert Juliat range of luminaires.

The new Dalis Cyclorama batten is a dazzling new addition to Robert Juliat’s LED portfolio. This silent, fanless 300W LED wall wash luminaire combines unique optics with 8 coloured LED emitters to create a huge variety of pastel and saturated colours, and deliver superbly smooth coverage across any surface. Earning a PLASA Award for Innovation in 2015, Dalis is also available as an LED Footlight, the long and short throw capabilities of which make it perfect for opera houses, television studios, shop window and exhibitions where its clean lines will add a touch of class to any display. An LED Washlight version with the same control, colour-mixing capabilities and silent operation completes the Dalis range.

Robert Juliat has always been atuned to its customers’ needs and continues to develop products which serve both the individual and the broader market.

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