1800W MSR

With a lamp specially designed for Robert Juliat, Flo is the first 1800W followspots on the market. Each gives a light output to rival mid-throw 2500W followspots with similar beam angles, but in a unit as compact as a 1200W.

With a combination of compact dimensions, high output, hot restrike lamp and DMXcontrol in one product, they are perfect for rental companies. It has also made them the new benchmark followspot for large theatres, TV studios, fashion shows, concerts and touring.

Both versions can be used in front-of-house, truss and backlight positions.

• Compact range features
• Hot restrike lamp
• Separate flicker-free electronic PSU
• Silent running cooling fan
• Safety switch for secure access to the lamp
• Optional DMX-control of motorised dimmer shutter and lamp ignition, with 24V and DMX output connection for front colour changer